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A Logistic Solution

Project Handling Services


aaa We specialize in Project Logistics, taking care of everything from pin to plane for clients. Our comprehensive services, decades of experience and expert teams provide an ideal project management unit. With a boundless dedication to quality, we insist on only the highest standards for the services we provide. An unquestionable leader in handling projects and project cargo, our solutions are competitively priced, flexible, effective and time-efficient.

Our focus on Infrastructural growth and development has led to a specialization in Oil & Gas, Power, Steel, Mining and Heavy Industries. We have consistently pioneered solutions for clients within and outside of these sectors. Some of the other major sectors where ALS Freights has gained invaluable experience over the years are: Agriculture, Cement, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Engineering and Automobiles.

Turnkey Project Management

An all-inclusive solution, we take care of complete projects from start to finish. We conduct route surveys and feasibility studies, plan, prepare and execute projects. Our projects vary in sector, and type of cargo. Besides handling general and containerized cargo, we work with break-bulk, ODCs, heavy-lifts, refrigerated, hazardous, perishable and other specialized cargo.

Based on an intimate understanding of your needs, and a project analysis, we prepare the most time and cost-efficient solution for you. With our own fleet, which is further supplemented by a strategic network, you are guaranteed to have access to the best services. Our freight forwarding and management services are all-encompassing, and our proactive approach ensures we’re prepared for uncertainties, making the execution seamless.

Break Bulk

Break-Bulk transportation delivers separate pieces of cargo, due to an inability to containerize it. Since the cargo is directly handled, the process needs to be undertaken with a special attention to safety and care. Optimal for heavier shipments such as windmills, steel, construction and oil & gas equipment, Break-Bulk is one of the core services we provide. Our experts ensure the entire process is handled with competence and care. Whether it is dismantling, handling, lashing, latching, loading/unloading, documentation management or overall cargo management, our potent team is available to supervise and execute even the most challenging projects.

Over Dimensional Cargo & Heavy Lifts

Project equipment, specialized machinery, raw materials and other sizable cargo require very specific logistics management services and solutions which are notably different from general cargo. From assessment, feasibility studies, loading/unloading processes and transportation to acquiring specialized permissions, documentation, insurance and other specialized services, ALS Freights provides a one-stop-shop to manage the entire logistical undertaking. Our customized ODCs and Heavy Lift solutions are unrivaled in the industry, as we work to simplify the project to save our clients’ time and money.