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A Logistic Solution

Air Freight Service


ALS Air Freight dep’t offers rates contract with major airlines, import & exports consolidation connecting major air ports, hand delivery & express door delivery services. Our DGR specialist handles your hazardous cargo for import & export through Middle East airports. Import & Export Air Freight are always our top priority, supported by global air shipments handling agency networks. With expertise, uncompromising speed of service and with most competitive rates, ALS has been helping clients to add value to their business by making a perfect choice for their air imports and exports. Our strong agents’ network worldwide has been an integral aspect of our service, facilitating movements of goods to & from any part of the world


Services Include:

  • Quickest possible transit time for speedy service including door to door pickup and delivery.
  • Uplift on first available flight, ideal for priority goods.
  • Priority handling up to the point of delivery.
  • Economically routed, for price advantage.
  • Defined transit times lets you plan ahead.
  • Standard liability
  • Airport to airport